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Vinrob Trading & Projects will continue to play a major role in infrucstructure development in South Africa, to help us achieve this aim, and grow our capacity and reach, we will be creating partnership with further emerging Distributors around South Africa.

We will deliver, and enhance the Black Economic Empowerment policy of the Government, and capacity building through skills transfer. Resources and investments will be optimized and distributed to the benefit of Previously Disadvataged Individuals (PDI) groups

Vinrob Trading & Projects is committed to providing total service excellence through best class performances and efficiency. It will continue to contribute to sustainable economic growth and development and social transformation in South Africa by using the company's procurement processes to effect the redistribution of wealth. Its dedication of the community is regarded as a priority that is secondary only to profit making.

Our client's satisfaction is a consistent measure of achievement for our team. Our commitments to our clients are satisfactory at all times. Our values to our clients and parties involved are of the most higy respected. Our qualities in client satisfaction include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Intergrity
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Individual Contribution
  • Reliability
  • Strong Work Ethics


Vinrob Trading & Projects provides quality forklift machineries that meets or exceeds all the clients requirements and applicable standards and specificaions. All employees are committed to the goal of providing a quality service.

Exellent working relationships have been established with other key players in the industry, which have yielded great rewards for us as Vinrob Trading and Projects and other parties involved. Our past experiences have proven the benefit of dedication, intergrity and sustained client dealings - which speak volumes for the experience of the management team and operators.

Vinrob Trading and Projects believes in the ideas of affirmative action, and in the creation of opportunities for empowerment of the disadvantaged, diabled and all races. It provides in-house training, managerial, technical and other related fields. All training programmes are carefully monitored by professional supervisors.


We maintain high standards of safety and care is taken to educate our teams on the hazards of construction. The monitoring of personnel is taken seriously and all efforts are made to keep the working environment safe. All personnel are issued with safety equipment, and should an accident occure, work is stopped immediately, management is informedand the necessary action is taken without any delays.

Management takes the safety and health policy as their participative responsibility and continued education and awareness is maintained. The working conditions are fair and the health of the work force is always considered in planning and exxecuting as work plan.


  1. Vinrob Trading & Projects is a Level 1 BBB-EE (Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment)